Jason Rohde Appeal – Heads of Argument

Jason Rohde was convicted on the charges of Murder and of Defeating or Obstructing the Administration of Justice by Judge Salie-Hlope as reported in http://www.saflii.org as State vs Rohde (SS43/2017) [2018] ZAWCHC 146; [2019] 1 All SA 740 (WCC) (8 November 2018).

Rohde subsequently appealed his conviction. After his appeal attempt at the Trial Court failed, he petitioned the Supreme Court of Appeal, which granted the appeal. Rohde subsequently applied for bail, and it was granted. He is currently out on free foot, with the appeal hearing scheduled for later this year.

Below is a link to the State’s Head of Argument against the appeal, as prepared by Senior State Prosecutor Louis van Niekerk.

Below is the Appellant’s Heads of Argument and Chronology Table as prepared by Advocates Francois van Zyl SC and William King SC.

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