Preferred areas of Forensic Consultation

  • Forensic Anthropology – i.e. around the establishment of identity and Postmortem Interval (PMI) of decomposed and unidentified human remains;
  • Forensic Pathology – i.e. interpretation of wounding and type of injuries, cause and manner of death, PMI;
  • Forensic Toxicology – i.e. drug related deaths and incidents, interpretation of postmortem concentrations;
  • Forensic Genetics – i.e. DNA related aspects;
  • Bone Trauma – i.e. the establishment of the possible cause and manner of death from recently deceased bodies or from skeletal remains, by looking at bone trauma;
  • Wound Ballistics (and how it relates to weapon types, shot ranges, reconstruction of trajectories, etc.);
  • Digital reconstruction of scenes, preparation of visual presentations for argument in Court;
  • Preparation of cross-examination questions on circumstantial aspects, and also especially in the fields of Pathology and Toxicology;
  • Interpretation of Bloodstain Patterns (BPA), sequence of events, timelines, cellphone triangulation and cellphone record analysis, scrutiny of court testimonies, affidavits, witness statements and versions;
  • Practical testing of versions.

Fully bilingual. Strong on getting evidence in a presentable shape, amplifying it. Clued up on court proceedings and legal matters.

Please note: I do not claim to have comprehensive expertise in any of these fields, but my consultation work involves providing direction, consultation with leading experts in the relevant fields, advising on other experts that may assist, doing extensive literature research and by testing versions or questions robustly and practically in order to compile reports that can be used for representations or for argument in a court of law  (criminal or civil).


I am also available to conduct private investigations that are not necessarily heading for Court, such as on accidents where foul play may be suspected or on any suspicious or unresolved case. However, I am not available to investigate extramarital affairs and financial disputes or other financial matters.

References form senior advocates available on request (read some refs here).

To enquire about my availability and terms for consultations or investigations, please email me at