On the Oscar Pistorius Case – Some Key Points

The lengthy and thorough investigation by Thomas Mollett & Calvin Mollett, is documented in Oscar vs the Truth – a full-colour A4 landscape book with over 500 crime-scene and other relevant photos and illustrations, and 80K words.

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Some key points:

1. We physically show evidence that was not properly presented in court, i.e. on which Oscar was not put under cross-examination. Such as the damage to the bedroom door and the indented steel plate in the bathroom.

2. We convincingly show that Reeva was re-dressed after the shooting incident.

3. We point out aspects of the poor autopsy performed by the State forensic pathologist, who had missed a crucial wound at the back of Reeva’s arm.

4. By digital reconstruction we point out how improbable Oscar’s were on, for example, moving the fans, and his movement in “pitch dark”. In fact, we show why the room would not have been pitch dark at all.

5. We look at various wounds that cannot be reconciled with the shooting event.

6. We analysed the sound dynamics and explain why the Stipps (the neighbours ±70 m across from the bathroom, would have been in a better position to hear screams than even the right-next-door neighbours, and why the Stipps’s testimony should have been accepted above anybody else’s.

7. We explain the sequence of bat vs gun sounds and that why the bat sounds were before the gunshots.

8. We tested many of his versions practically and found them to be unviable, i.e. leaning over the door to retrieve the key.

9. We convincingly show that there was blood outside the toilet before he broke the toilet’s door open.

10. By crime-scene photos we show how disturbed the scene was, indicating a fight that evening.

And much more . . .

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About the Investigators/Authors:

Thomas Mollett – BSc. (Stell) & MPhil: Biomedical Forensic Science (UCT) (i.p.)
Calvin Mollett – BSc. Civil Eng (UCT) & M. Eng Cum Laude (Stell)

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