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The Zoom videos on the case are on MurderUncut.com

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Some Feedback from Readers

“I bought the books. And it was incredible, I don’t like reading but couldn’t put the books down. I found it interesting especially the Oscar book how some things were mentioned in court but as the case continued was not heard of again of which I feel was crucial to the case. Nevertheless, as much as both cases were horrid. I enjoyed your books so much. Just a question will there be new books new topics in the near future?”

“I thought the video on the Oscar case was brilliant and well put together. You lifted out the exact points of concern that I was wondering about right from the start like the 2nd gunshot in her arm, the denim underneath the toilet window, the bloodied bat, the seemingly unstained vest … how could the investigating and legal teams have missed such crucial info.”

“I am totally enthralled by all the information you have managed to get. I watched the Inge Lotze Zoom yesterday and am now on the book about Reeva. Can you inform me how we get the other episodes other than the ones you emailed me yesterday?”

“Well well worth it! Just watched the Oscar case and it was excellent. Thank you! I can’t believe so much was missed. So sad.”

“Let me congratulate you. I watched the series on ESPN regarding Oscar Pistorius. I came away with the opinion that he was guilty of Manslaughter. After diving into your book. I am firmly convinced of his guilt as a murderer.”

“I’m engrossed in the book!”

“Excellent work!”

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