I often give talks on the cases that I (and my brother Calvin) have looked into. With the Bloody Lies series as backbone, I also talk about other cases that are in public interest. The idea is not to make accusations at these talks, but to rather inform the public of what is happening in these cases, and in our courts, and to create awareness about a new scientific approach that is needed, and one that I would like to promote.

The talks are in the form of visual (PowerPoint) presentations and are normally between one and three hours long. Depending on the venue’s hiring fee, I host it either free of entrance fee, or ask a fee of around R80 pp, to cover expenses (including refreshments).

2014 – Talk at UCT after being invited by the Department of Pathology – attended by eminent forensic pathologists, EMS personnel and forensic students – primarily about Inge Lotz’s head wounds.

2014 – Authors Lunch with Dr David Klatzow at A Tavola Restaurant in Claremont, talking about Bloody Lies.

2015 – Talk at UCT after being invited again by the Department of Pathology – primarily attended by forensic students and EMS personnel – a more philosophical approach on the concept of evidence preservation and interpretation, and to promote attention to detail.

I have been invited to Talks at the following Literary Festivals

  • Stellenbosch Woordfees
  • Prince Albert
  • Cape Town International Book Fair
  • Richmond (NC)
  • Franschhoek (debate with Anthony Altbeker, sold-out crowd of 400)
  • Montagu
  • Soweto
  • Howick
  • Durban
  • Pietermaritzburg
  • Madibaland World Literary Festival (virtual)

Self-organised Talks

  • Vredenheim – Stellenbosch
  • UP Campus – Pretoria
  • De Hoek Manor – Stellenbosch
  • Public Library – Milnerton
  • Public Library – Paarl (well attended by members of SAPS)
  • Public Library – Claremont

Some Feedback on Talks:

“I have had the opportunity of attending Thomas Mollett’s lectures at UCT and as participation at various Literary Festivals, namely in Franschhoek, in Richmond (Cape), and more recently in Montagu. He impressed me and the audiences on these occasions with the thoroughness of their investigations and interpretations, and especially by the enthusiasm with which he presented his talks [. . .] I was most impressed with the thoroughness with which they scrutinised the evidence. Thomas convinced me by their analyses and interpretation of their findings. In both postmortem cases, they found and recorded wounds and evidence not recorded by the police or the forensic pathologists. It is my opinion that some of these findings, had they been presented in evidence, may have resulted in different court findings.”
– Emeritus Professor Deon Knobel – Former Head of Forensic Medicine, UCT

“I have only followed Thomas for a couple of years, I am drawn to his dedication, utmost focus, and clarity of what is right and wrong. His work illustrates thorough journalistic and forensic investigation. He keeps emotion to himself and presents indisputable facts with precision. This takes an extraordinary amount of time and rework. His relentless pursuit of excellence especially in his Master thesis makes him the person to watch and listen to, a great mind in the circle of criminal investigations.” – MB (Claremont and Milnerton talks)

“This has blown my mind. I love following this guy. He is thorough in his investigations and he does it with heart and soul. I went to one of his talks and sat on the edge of my chair throughout the whole talk! Some might say he has a third eye. His books are a “must” on your bookshelf! I can’t wait for his online discussions to start. This guy is a brilliant mind and a genius in forensic investigations.” – LH (Paarl talk)

“Thomas Mollett’s talks are gripping stuff. His commitment and conclusions – conducted through strict scientific methodology, intense investigation, deep research and application – reveal his expertise and amazing work ethic. Mr Mollett is a humble man with a passion for forensics, truth and justice. His commitment, determination, enthusiasm and expertise is evidenced in his presentations, as well as in his books, which narratives (and myriad photographs, graphs, spreads, testimony and testing) prove his thorough research through time-consuming evidence gathering, tests and attention to detail. Mr Mollett is a brilliant forensic mind and a master at his craft.” – RB & SB (Almost all talks)

“And then, another highlight. Thomas Mollett and his brother Calvin revisited the Oscar Pistorius case in their book Oscar vs the Truth, wherein they point out key evidence that was badly handled. At last Thomas (convincingly) answers the question: Did Oscar know Reeva was behind the door?” – Well-known Afrikaans poet Clinton V du Plessis, after the Soweto talk, on LitNet

My son and his fiancé attended one of your talks and were blown away!” – JW (Vredenheim SB talk)

Thank you for the interesting morning, I really enjoyed it!” – SW (Milnerton talk)

Thanks very much for a wonderful morning on Saturday.” – SE (Milnerton talk)

Thank you for a brilliant and insightful lecture! Was amazing!” – PG (Vredenheim SB talk)

Thank you for the very insightful morning!” – EG (Paarl talk)

“Thanks for the seminar . . . was great!” – MVA (Milnerton talk)

Thank you for your great talk. We really enjoyed it.” – TT (Paarl talk)

“That was fantastic! I could listen to you the whole day.” – CB (De Hoek Manor SB talk)

“Please attend these talks, you will be stunned. – CB (De Hoek Manor SB talk)

“I just want to thank you for Saturday’s talk. It was shocking to me how little the public actually knows about these cases. Looking forward to your next talk.” – FK (De Hoek Manor SB talk)

“Thanks again for a fantastic talk and I will keep a lookout for further talks. Keep up the good work.” – LB (Claremont talk)

“Obviously, we all enjoyed the talk very much – disturbing as it is – and it just confirmed to me that one must never accept things on mere face value . . . especially not what is written in the newspapers.” – AD (Milnerton talk)

“Just a quick note to say thank you for last night’s presentation. My husband and I really enjoyed it. As always it was very interesting and very informative.” – QB & LB (Milnerton & Claremont talks)

“We had the privilege to attend Thomas’ discussion with Prof. Knobel (@ the 2015 US Woordfees) and subsequently various other talks hosted by him. The Molletts make forensics fun in the way they simplify it, without neglecting the detail (& yes, there is always detail that everybody wants to know of. Thomas is an informed speaker, conveying captivating facts, with forensic experience to back it up – all the ingredients that one requires to grip any audience’s attention.” – AJ & JJ (Various talks)

(Note: Some of these comments were translated from Afrikaans verbatim. In most cases, especially relating to non-public figures, initials are used for privacy reasons, but all these remarks can be verified as authentic, most of which were posted on Facebook pages or received by personal emails or WhatsApps.)

See part of the De Hoek Manor SB talk that was recorded by Netwerk24, below. While the interview inserts are in Afrikaans, it gives insight into the talks, all conducted in English.