Yolandi Botes Case

After approaching the family of Yolandi Botes with an offer to investigate the murder of Yolandi Botes on a pro bono basis, the family obliged. I will, therefore, (from 5 July 2021) investigate this case in a private capacity but with the blessings of the family.

Te following has to be noted:

This investigation does not aim to upstage SAPS or any other investigator or to compete with or compromise any other investigation. It primarily aims to gather, collate and analyse information as it becomes available, in order to, firstly, get a picture of what happened here, and to work outwards from there. It also serves to support the broader investigation – as information and deductions will be conveyed to SAPS.

It has to be borne in mind that there are limitations to private investigations, especially in the immediate period after the crime has been committed – as it is not always possible to obtain all (potentially helpful and relevant) material, such as cellphone records, CCTV footage, etc. Private investigators are not necessarily entitled to evidence collected by SAPS – and which only SAPS have the mandate and legal authority to obtain. They are also not by default privy to the available body of facts or information that may be known to SAPS. (It is much easier to investigate a case after it has gone through a criminal trial and exhibits are in the public domain.) It must also be noted that I am becoming involved investigation two months after the murder.

I, therefore, do not want to create any expectations that I will “solve” the case or bring the perpators/s to book – but rather to assist in the broader investigation, with a strict forensic and analytical approach.

This page will also serve a basis to obtain information and for public awareness.

What is known so far:

Yolandi Botes – 35 at the time – landed at the OR Tambo International Airport at approximately 10h00 on Monday, 26 April 2021. Having lived in Danabay with her husband, she intended to visit her daughters in xxxxxxx. She (purportedly) took an Uber from the airport, and was dropped off at The Square shopping centre in Boksburg, where she got into another vehicle. This was where all cellphone activity ceased.

The following exchange took place on WhatsApp between Yolandi and her daughter (verbatim without emojis):

Yolandi – 10:09: Just landed

Daughter – 10:09: where are you going? who is fetching you?

Yolandi – 10:10: uber is fetching me now I’m just going to boksburg quickly then I can come to you

Daughter – 10:11: ok be safe i love you message me

Yolandi – 10:16: I will do sorry just landing getting out almost I love you see you just now

Daughter – 11:22: no stress

Yolandi – 11:28: xxxx my things are not working out the way it is supposed to I’m not going to be done in time today I will have to see you girls Tom everything just changed it’s hard to explain once I get t to the resort I will figure everything out and arange everything with you I’m sorry

Daughter – 11:28: ok don’t worry